Sunday, 10 March 2013

Third Place for King Oak!

Thanks to everyone who voted for the lovely King Oak in the Tree of the Year competition.
From my "Vote for King Oak! " post, you will know Ireland had a very beautiful and interesting entry in this year's competition.
King Oak was placed a respectable third with 5,785 votes!
The winner with a whopping 13,898 votes was the Plane Tree in Kozy, Poland.
Plane tree is more than 200 years old and is located in a village called Kozy situated between Malopolska and Silesia. Its huge trunk, consisting of several ingrown seedlings, stands in the middle of a manor park and resembles a wind-rose. The tree was planted by an anonymous gardener.

The Plane is a venue for local activities such as competitions, gatherings, concerts, sport and community events. It is a meeting point for couples in love and children. It is a focal point around which current community life revolves; exactly as it used to centuries ago.
 A worthy winner I believe!


  1. I'm glad "your" tree made it to the third place. But the winner is very interesting too!

  2. I've not heard of this contest but congrats on being a 3rd place winner. I am not sure where in Poland that Kozy is found but I will look it up to see if it is close to where I want to visit.


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