Saturday, 1 February 2014

The Feast Of Saint Brigid!

Today is the feast of Saint Brigid.
Last year I told you all about St. Brigid here and why I like to celebrate this feast.
St. Brigid shares the title "Patron of Ireland" with St. Patrick, and is renowned for her great generosity to the poor, her care of the sick and infirm and her rapport with animals.
I also told you the story of St. Brigid and the cross she wove from rushes off the floor to baptise her father on his death bed. Hundreds of years later this cross is still made on St. Brigid's day. It is traditionally believed that a St. Brigid's Cross hung by the door protects a house from fire and harm. A new cross is made each February 1st as the previous years cross is burned.

Well, last year I told you that I never learned to make a cross at school as most Irish children would have done. So, as promised I have learned!
St. Brigid usually brings the Spring but I don't think she could manage it today. The weather is just terrible; icy cold, wet and windy! So I am glad to report that Mr. Auburn very kindly went to the end of our garden to pick the rushes.

I am told that 12 rushes make a good cross, as mine were a little skinny I went for 16.
Starting with one rush held upright, fold a second over it to the right as shown below...

Fold another rush over the horizontal piece and turn this anti-clockwise...

Keep folding over a rush and turning anti-clockwise until you get something that looks like this...

You will recognise the traditional weave forming as you go.

At this point you are supposed to secure the ends with a flattened rush like this...
It worked for the first arm and then I resorted to string!

Now trim the ends using a scissors...

And there you have it...
My very first Crosóg Bhríde!
Okay it doesn't compare to the one I bought in Knock some years ago (which I won't be burning!) but I'm quite pleased with my first attempt!

And here it is hanging by the door to protect our little home from fire and harm...
Well wouldn't you know it, the rain has stopped, the clouds have parted and that is the sun shining through the front door!
Happy St. Brigid's Day!!


  1. What a lovely tradition. Thanks for sharing, x

  2. I have a niece named after her. I love your cross! I might try to make one. We just lopped off our giant grasses, but maybe some of it in the bags is still okay.

    Happy St. Brigid's day.

  3. Your cross is darling! I remember that tradition from your last year's post. And it seems Brigid finally brought spring with her!


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