Sunday, 27 July 2014

Egg Box Three Ways!!

You know Mr. Auburn bought this lovely egg box back here and I said I would do something with it.
 Well I three times!
For a long while, it sat on our worktop just holding eggs perfectly well in its original pale wood state, then it got Annie Sloaned.

Cue Makeover #1.
In my wisdom I thought the ASCP duck egg wasn't a million miles from eau de nil, right? WRONG! It is 2 million. Also it was looking a little too pristine for our house.

 Makeover #2.
Perhaps if I tone it down by white washing over the duck egg, and distress the edges a little with some sand paper that will make it work in my kitchen.
(Sorry forgot to take picture at this stage, I was starting to get a little fed up by now!!)
It looked okay but still not right.
Who am I kidding, 99% of stuff in this house is off white or cream. Duck egg has to go!
Makeover #3
Repaint the whole thing in Original white and make it look old...
Once it was repainted in off white I decided to use some AS Craqueleur on it for some 'age'.
 This was my first time to use it but it was really simple and I love the effect it gives. First paint on the base coat in small strokes and leave to dry.  Then paint on the glaze and quickly dry with the hairdryer to make it crack! Thin coat = small crackles on small box.

Then the scary bit - dark wax. I was panicking a lot doing this thinking I had ruined it again at one point but actually you don't have to be scared. I just kept working it in and used a little clear wax on areas I thought were looking a little too mucky.

Loving Craqueleur!!
Third time's charm... dirty crackled off white fits right in I think!


  1. Absolutely love it, what a transformation. Well done you for sticking at it, x

  2. Looking lovely. But it strikes me that we now love things to look time worn, whereas my mother's generation always wanted everything to look new and pristine. Funny ole world.

    Jean x

  3. Lovely! I've never used the craqueleur. I wonder if the florist who sells Annie Sloan in Brittany has it. I'm thinking of stealing your idea to use an Ikea stool as a side table for my kitchen...

  4. I was given this same egg box last year. I've wanted to do something with it ever since, as it's just too modern for my kitchen. My first visit to your blog and look what I find!. Thank you for the inspiration, it's lovely! Liz


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