Sunday, 3 March 2013

Flea Market Finds!

Today was such a lovely, sunny spring day, Mr. Auburn and I headed off to our local Flea Market. It was perfect weather for mooching around a market and a couple of things made it home with us...
This little cream enamel dish with a green rim, perfect condition, just needs a good wash! I already have a large roasting tin and a couple of plates just like this which belonged to my grandparents...

These lovely gold frames...unfortunately the seller broke the glass in one on the way but I will remedy that. Also the backs need a little work. Not mad about the prints, there are just photocopies so will have to look out for something really nice to replace them...

This cute little dog water bowl, it's actually quite small...

And my absolute favourite... these amazing stained glass windows!! Welcome to project 1001!
Can you believe they were just €5 each!! Look how beautiful they are with the sunlight streaming through them. They are sooo heavy, Mr. Auburn can vouch for their weight! It is real leaded stained glass, not the painted variety. Okay, they are a bit grubby and in need of a little TLC but that we can do!
So what are we going to do with them??
Not sure! Mr. Auburn saw them outside in the garden. I, on the other hand thought they were coming in, maybe hung like a piece of art, back lit so you can appreciate the beautiful glass.
Any suggestions??? 


  1. Well done on your purchases. I also like flea market browsing. Love the windows - they are amazing - and dare I say they should be inside?

  2. Great finds. I absolutely love the two stain glass windows. I'm curious to see what you'll do with them!

  3. Wow! you obviously have better flea markets than us. Those windows are fantastic!!!

  4. Thank you for follwing my blog. I love those stained glass windows! You have a lovely blog. Yes, the crepe myrtle has a faint scent, I am so happy it is flowering. Ann

  5. You sound like you had a great time in the flea market. I can't blame you; just by visiting, you got wonderful pieces. But just like you, my attention was caught by that beautiful stained glass window. €5 each is a great deal, and I could imagine how it looks when you install it in any of your room at home. Just a little paint or wash will make it look as good as new. | Lauren Floyd @


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