Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Horse Chestnut Series - April

Today is the last day of April and the last day of Spring (or at least it was when I was in school!). While we have had some lovely Spring weather of late, today quite appropriately, we had some April showers.

This month has seen a huge change in the Horse Chestnut. It is the first deciduous tree in Ireland to open its leaves in Spring; the bud laden branches of March are scarcely visible anyone.
It is now covered in bright green palmate leaves; each leaf having five or seven serrated finger-like leaflets.
While in March we eagerly awaited bud burst, now we await its blossoms as their candle-like form begins to emerge.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Meet Elenor!

I first found her on eBay looking for a good home. The minute I saw her I knew she was going to be mine. The sale was one week away but I was willing to pay for vintage Laura Ashley. Eau de Nil is slowly disappearing from their product range and it features extensively at the Auburns!

Thankfully she was mine for a nice price considering there was a lot of interest. After an arduous trip across the water from England (which almost saw her return as the courier could not find me), she had arrived!!!

Inside were lots of components all carefully packaged.

 First things first, she needed a bath. Ever tried to bathe a chandelier?? 

 It's not as easy as you might think, with a toothbrush! 

Farewell perfectly good matching lampshade.

 You have served us well and will see out your days atop this lampbase (but perhaps not on this table as it looks a little small for you!).

Next Mr. Auburn had to wire her up...

 ...which involved everybody being in this position for an arm breaking length of time. 

 He then mended the ceiling rose and we were ready to put her back together.


Getting all the droplets and crystals in their respective places was confusing and time consuming... and fiddly!! 
It didn't help that I couldn't reach now she was up and Mr. Auburn had to take over with his giant man hands!

 Before long she was pretty as a picture. (I'm leaving out the bit about the two missing droplets which took two weeks to replace, for everyones sake!!)

I am disappointed about the ugly Ikea bulbs which are super energy saving and will last like FOREVER!! 
What I didn't realise was that they have a super ugly white entire bottom half with Ikea stamped all over!!

Anyway Elenor is still a thing of enormous beauty! 
I hope you'll agree she fits right in in our sitting room.


Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter!!

Hope you're all having an eggcellent Easter!
It is a bank holiday weekend here in Ireland and we have been blessed with the most glorious weather!

We've had quite a busy weekend. Friday was spent painting my in-laws kitchen cupboards. I have joined the cult that is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - that's another post! Many other posts!!

Saturday was my sister's birthday which meant brunch at my parents house.
As the afternoon was so lovely and sunny, Mr. Auburn and I hit the garden when we got home for the annual spring clean up.

Today, we had a lazier day. We pottered about the house, resting our aching bodies and gorging on Easter eggs! I do love Easter.
 You will see in the photos some of the Easter lovelies we took home from our visit (here) to Plantagen.
How cute is baby bunny?
I just couldn't resist him! He sits atop one of my recent projects, more of that later!
And as for the little wooly lambs...

Just b-ewe-tiful aren't they!? Happy Easter from the Auburns!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Easter Inspiration!

Back in February,  Mr. Auburn and I travelled to Fairyhouse Market. While the market was disappointing and the only things we parted money for were edible, we did stop at one of my favourite places on the way home!

 Plantagen is a Scandinavian garden centre chain. They sell amazing plants for your home and garden, garden furniture and BBQ's. They have a huge 'grow your own' section, a bird feeding section, pet supplies, books on gardening, cooking and baking. There is a food hall where you can buy tasty treats, a lovely company that produce oils, preserves and chutneys and the Edinburgh Woollen Mill is in store.
However, the winner has to be the super duper gift and interiors section with the most amazing displays that made me want to squeal with excitement when I walked in!!

So with Easter fast approaching and Spring most definitely in the air, here are some of the cutest, Springiest, Easter displays I've seen around! Needless to say my money and I did part company at Plantagen but just wait for Easter to see the cuties that made it home to Auburns...



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