Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A Rose for Rose!

I secretly had my eye on this lovely chair for some time, okay maybe not so secretly! It was in a spare/laundry room in my in-laws house, almost submerged by clothes.
After a good word from my husband, the lovely chair is now ours!!

It belonged to my husband's Great Aunt Rose who is no longer with us. She gave it to my mother and father-in-law when they got married and moved into their first home. They were happy to pass it on once it stayed in the family and now it has pride of place in our dining room where everyone can appreciate it. It's in a perfect spot, at the french doors leading out into the garden, a great bird watching spot with a cup of tea in the mornings!
I couldn't bare to re-paint it, I think the chips and layers of paint tell it's story. I washed it down, found the perfect seat cushion in Ikea and the other little beauties were made from leftover fabric used to make the roman blinds in the same room.
I really wanted to add some sort of 'rose' embellishment in honour of Great Aunt Rose. Then, I remembered I once purchased this corsage for 50c and I think it looks perfect;
a rose for Rose...


  1. I am like you, I like the chips of age and think they look grand.

  2. What a lovely chair... The rose for Rose was a sweet gesture, plus it looks perfect on the chair. I'm spying beautiful wall colours in your room. I hope you'll share them on day.

  3. Beautiful chair and the corsage is just perfect! Love it!


  4. Love your chair, I would leave it like it is, too.


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