Sunday, 3 February 2013

Up, Up and Away!

I have a thing about hot air balloons!
 Not the garish advertising type that real estate agents use but the romantic Victorian type that Phileas Fogg used to circumnavigate the world!
Look at this gorgeous fabric my mother put in my stocking this Christmas...

It's a fat quarter, so the most obvious use would be a cushion cover I think!? I'll keep you posted!
Look what arrived in the post on Friday...
 I purchased this amazing vintage decoupage paper from a lovely seller on eBay.
This is going to be used to decoupage some paper maché letters that were also in my Christmas stocking!! At least, that's the plan if I can bear to cut it up!
In fact, I may devote a whole area of my home to the Vintage Hot Air Balloon, watch this space!!



  1. Hi there. Thanks for your lovely comment, sorry only seen it now as it was in my spam. Welcome to blog world. Be prepared for a messy home as it's addictive :O) Michelle x

  2. What a great Christmas present. Can't wait to see the cushion!


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