Thursday, 18 December 2014

O Christmas Tree!!

Well it has been several months since my last post, apologies again for my unannounced absence. Once again life and mainly work got in the way and now it seems to be Christmas! Despite my very best efforts including two days off work for the pre Christmas decorating clean and starting the actual decorating in late November, I'm still not done! 

This November I became full of decorating inspiration. You know how it is, virtual Christmas house tours all over the net, festive blogs, pinterest, glossy Christmas magazines, magical shop windows! So, I decided to shake it up a bit this year, change things around, make some new additions. So many ideas, so much to do, so little time. I was feeling a little Christmas anxiety in the last week and then I decided to give myself a break. I don't have to get all the decorating done in one night, it can be a process. I will get everyone's gifts, I always do. I might even share my own Christmas House tour! Some of it looks really good, at least it would if all the boxes were back in the attic.

 As with every Christmas it starts with the tree in the sitting room. We have done real cut trees in here, real potted trees and now we're back to the artificial tree again as I like to get it up last weekend in November. I have to say I miss the pine smell but I've got my fix elsewhere in the house. I love this tree every year. It's a great shape, it always looks full and symmetrical and we don't skimp on the decorations! I've often meant to count them but its alot! As this tree is in the window, we have to decorate all the way around, no cheating! We have our old favourites and usually add more each year. We just use golds and creams on this tree as it matches the decor best. Some came from lands far away, some made by our own fair hands here at home.

 The rest of the room gets its share too.

The Fireplace...

The Crib...

A Christmas Stocking...

And this?!..

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!


  1. Beautiful decorations and your tree is stunning!

  2. Hi SAL, nice to see you blogging again. You've done a tremendous job with your gold tree, it looks sensational. Hope you have a great Christmas and a very happy New Year.


  3. The tree is fairy-tale like with all its gold. And I'm in love with the wall paper you used to accent your walls. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  4. Χρόνια πολλά!!!
    Πολύ όμορφη Χριστουγεννιάτικη διακόσμηση!
    Καλώς σε βρήκα!!!


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