Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Christmas House Tour 2014

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas and that Santa was good! As I sort of threatened a Christmas House tour in my last post I thought I'd give it a go before 2014 is out. As I said, I started decorating early this year...and finished late! 
Ah the best laid plans...

O Christmas Tree!

I started out totally inspired, ready to deck those halls a little differently this year and have all done by our anniversary (a week before Christmas) so I could relax and enjoy thereafter. I ended up rushed, exhausted and surrounded by boxes, adding and tweaking until it was Christmas Eve! There has to be a better way - which I have to figure out before next year!! Suggestions welcome!

Some newly gifted additions to the tree this year

This one came all the way from Germany

This one came from Marks&Spencer

Decorating drama aside, I am pretty happy with how it turned out. So using my super duper new Christmas present from Mr. Auburn (a new camera!) and my usually crappy photography skills;
here are some pictures of our home at Christmastime....

Fireside is blazing bright...

Our Mantlepiece

Our coffee table

Even rabbit can't escape 

The baby Jesus in the manger

Christmas in the Kitchen...

This little guy got a new eau de nil hat and scarf for Christmas

Deck the Halls...


Sleigh Bells Ring!

 This sleigh was a market find last year and last Christmas I laid it down in the front hall and piled Christmas presents on it. This year I decided to upturn it and add another vintage find from the same market this summer. The chance of finding a sleigh and ice skates in a market in the Midlands of Ireland must be like winning the lotto! I trimmed the top of the skates with fur I bought at a craft shop (the extra trimmed the tiny stockings on the tree in the kitchen window). Added some greenery and a sleigh bell of course and I love it!

Our stair garland

Top of the stairs

I am a huge Norman Rockwell fan and have been lusting after this print, Home for Christmas, for so long. This year I found it for sale on eBay and Mr. Auburn made it mine. 
As it is quite long and narrow, I tried to balance it with a fresh wreath of fir and bay.

And a Partridge in a Pear tree!

 I had this idea for a long time and just executed it last year for the first time. I had sourced a partridge on eBay but lets say he wasn't exactly glamorous! He looks better on the more rustic kitchen tree. I searched for so long for pears and eventually found them in TK Maxx and sourced a better looking 'partridge' from Gisela Graham.

And to think in just a couple of days it has to all come down again!


  1. I love your house at Christmas. Full of charm and warmth!

  2. I love your house at Christmas. Full of charm and warmth!


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