Monday, 31 March 2014

Horse Chestnut Series - March

"Spring time allows the buds for our pleasure
To push out their bright green burgeoning treasure
They stretch and darken and point up so highly
Their flower spikes ready to show all their glory"

It's almost the end of March and the lovely horse chestnut tree is laden with buds adorning it's once bare branches.
The shiny brown buds which have been subtly swelling as each day passed are fat now almost ready to burst with new growth. The covering of each bud is tough and sticky with sap to protect the treasure inside. 

As we 'sprang forward' this weekend and in spite of all the rain we have had, we saw the first bud burst.
Each bud contains leaves, stems and flowers, albeit in their embryonic form. In fact, it contains the whole year's growth.
I can hardly wait so see those new bright green leaves unfurl.

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