Sunday, 19 January 2014

Bhliain Nua Sásta!!

 Okay, I appreciate I'm catapulting towards the end of January here, a little late for ringing in the new year perhaps but sásta bhliain nua a thabhairt daoibh none the less!! That's happy new year to you all but sásta also means satisfied or fulfilled which I think is a nice wish for the year ahead!
Well Mr. Auburn and I greeted 2014 in style. We spent New Year's at the lovely Farnham Estate hotel in Co. Cavan with some dear friends. I'm never really one for celebrating New Year's but I so enjoyed our time at Farnham.
On New Year's Eve we had a mulled wine reception followed by a sumptuous five course meal and champagne and fireworks at midnight! Beautiful surroundings, great food, great company, what could be better?
The following day we awoke (not too early!) to the 'full Irish' and a day at the spa and checked out at 4pm! Late check out is where it's at folks!! It was sheer bliss and just what the doctor ordered after an exhausting Christmas countdown and thus spending Christmas very much under the weather.
Christmas wasn't all bad though, while he didn't manage the 48 hour days I asked for Santa did leave some beauties under the tree!
 I'm not big on New Year's resolutions as they tend to leave me disappointed with myself at the end of the following year! Last year my blog was my 'sort of' resolution and while I didn't do too badly, there are improvements to be made! I just don't know how you super people manage to have exciting fun-filled crafty lives and then find the time to blog about them! The answer anyone??
So while once again I didn't commit to any real resolutions, there are some improvements to be made which these lovely gifts are going to help with...

To get out and about more in the lovely Irish countryside...
To organise my thoughts if nothing else...
To inspire some home and garden improvements...
To preserve the taste of summer...
To make more 'me' time....
Well if I manage all the above I will be more than sásta, beidh mé a bheith os cionn an ghealach!! I'll be over the moon!!
Wishing you all a fulfilling 2014...


  1. Tis a lovely post you did. I have missed your blog. I don't make resolutions but have I make goals for the year and if I don't complete each and every one, I tend to pass it on to the next year and eventually, they get accomplished. It also makes a difference if you write them down.

    Sounds like your New Year's was wonderful. I don't do anything special or go anywhere on New Years, stopped doing that years ago.

  2. Happy New Year SAL. Nice to catch up with you through blog world. Lovely presents they should provide the inspiration for some fulfilling creative time.


    Jean xx

  3. It sounds like a wonderful way to spend the holiday! Happy and Prosperous New Year!

    Those are lovely ideas, and probably achievable.

  4. I love those boots. I have wanted a pair for a very long time. Maybe this next Christmas I will ask for some. I would have this year, but being pregnant and all of me being swollen and my shoe size may change (again), I didn't want to risk it. THIS YEAR.
    I'm not big into resolutions either. By this time of January, they are forgotten anyway. Happy new year to you as well.


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